Journal, Vol. 05, No. 3 – Fall 1982

Cover: The cover picture showing those attending the 13th International Convention in Wichita, Kansas, is indicative of the content emphasis of this issue.


Five presentations from the convention included here are: Norbert Dreiling’s “Ich bin auch ein Deutscher aus Russland”; “Pioneering in Dakota Territory” by Reuben Goertz; “The Style of Low German Folklore” by Katie F. Wiebe; “Volga German Children’s Folklore” by Lawrence A. Weigel; and “Anna Barkman: A Child Pilgrim” by Wesley J. Prieb.

Series continued in this issue are: “My Return to Russia” by Jacob Hieb, Sr.; Edward J. Amend’s “Escape From Starving Russia”; David Weigum’s “Aus Heimat und Leben,” translated by Leona Pfeifer; Adam Giesinger’s continuation of “The History of AHSGR: the Eventful Year 1971” and “Villages in Which Our Forefathers Lived,” in which he describes daughter colonies in Asiatic Russia.

Due to the interest created by the refugee lists published in the spring and summer issues of this volume, Dr. Giesinger has written “The Volga German Refugees of 1921-1922.”

A related article by Emma S. Haynes is “The Fate of a Wealthy Warenburg Family.”

Mrs. Haynes concludes this issue with her annotated list of “Books and Articles Recently Added to the AHSGR Archives.”

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