Journal, Vol. 05, No. 4 – Winter 1982

Cover: The cover on this winter issue depicts a group of children and a grandmother sitting near a Christmas tree in Kazakhstan.


Adam Giesinger describes Christmas customs in Russia in his article “There Was No Santa Claus in Russia.”
Kiehlbauch’s trilogy on recollections of Christmas experiences in the Dakotas is completed with “Christmas 1894.”
Many of the articles in this issue deal with events during the reign of Czar Nicholas II, beginning with “Dinner With Nicholas II” by Alexander Bier, translated by Emma S. Haynes.
In “The Detour” Judy R. Hubert gives her grandfather’s recollections of his brother who rode with Nicholas II.
Adam Giesinger writes of “The Last of the Czars.”
Alexander Dupper tells of German Russians fighting in the Russo-Japanese War in “Philipp Frick, a Stoker in the Imperial Russian Navy.”
In addition to this article “Pastor David Weigum at Norka,” Dr. Giesinger continues his “Villages in Which Our Forefathers Lived,” which discusses the German villages in the Omsk Region of Siberia. He also contributes “A Refugee Family at Frankfurt/Oder 1923” and a review of the book Wir wollen Deutsche bleiben by George J. Walters.
Sally T. Hieb has another poignant translation from Wolhynisches Tagebuch, “My Little Friend.”
Jon Roe relates the personal history of a German living in Russia until 1977 in “Impersonal Wars Inflict Personal Agony.”
The courageous story of a woman and child kept in Russia by the war and Revolution, struggling to join the husband and father in Kansas, is told by Lawrence A. Weigel in “A Story of Faith and Courage.”
In this issue is the third installment of “My Return to Russia” by Jacob Hieb, Sr.
Bradley H. Baltensperger contributes “Agricultural Change Among Nebraska Immigrants, 1880-1900.”
Emma S. Haynes has annotated another group of “Books and Articles Recently Added to the AHSGR Archives.”

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