Journal, Vol. 06, No. 1 – Spring 1983

In this installment of “My Return to Russia,” Jacob Hieb, Sr., describes a visit to Bergdorf, a village in South Russia, which is depicted on the cover.
Other series continued in this issue are: “Aus Heimat und Leben” by David Weigum, translated by Leona Pfeifer; “Villages in Which Our Forefathers Lived,” in which Adam Giesinger discusses the German villages in the Slavgorod area in Siberia; “The Song of Kazakhstan,” a translation by Sally T. Hieb from Wolhynisches Tagebuch; and “We Sing Our History” by Lawrence Weigel.
Alexander Dupper has translated and discussed a document sent by Soviet Germans to the Soviet Politbureau in 1972 in “The Desperate Struggle of the Soviet Germans for Their Human Rights and for Permission to Emigrate [sic] to Germany.”
Another translation concerning the status of our people in the Soviet Union was done by Robert Meininger, “Among the Germans in the Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan.”
Adam Giesinger also contributes “A Successful Search for Relatives in Russia,” “Miscellanea,” concerning people on the refugee lists, and “A Traveling Revolutionary Tribunal of 1921.”
From an article by Victor Zhuraulyov in Soviet Life there is “A Volga German Coal Miner in Yakutiya.”
The fate of “Alt-Emilin in Volhynia” is presented by John M. Schoenknecht.
Of interest to folklorists and people in the medical profession is “Health Care Practices in the Life of Katherine Schrag Kaufman” by Jo Ellen Koerner.
The book Waffen der Wehrlosen is reviewed by Donald H. Damer.
Adam Giesinger reviews David Klassen and the Mennonites.
This issue concludes with “Books and Articles Recently Donated to the AHSGR Archives” by Emma S. Haynes.

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