Journal, Vol. 06, No. 4 – Winter 1983

Cover: The cover picture of the church in Balzer decorated for a calendar feast day adds to the lead article by Timothy J. Kloberdanz, ” Lambs of Butter, Loaves of Gold’: An Analysis of Four Volga German Calendar Feast Days.”

There are many new contributors to this issue: Cora M. Conner has translated a diary by Christian Mueller in her article “Christian Mueller: A Mennonite Pioneer.”

John McCormally describes “A Recent Visit to the Volga Region”; H. Manfred Schmidt discusses “Heinrich Storch: A German-Russian Classical Economist”; and William Unruh has described a “Cossack War.”

Gerda S. Walker has translated an article “Memories of Anton (Sebas- tianovka) on the Volga” by Emilie von Liphart.

“The Quality of Education in the German Parochial Schools of the Kamyshin District” is a translation by Alexander Dup- per of a Russian article of 1900.

Sophie A. Welisch reviews for us Ein deutscher Arzt als “Heiliger” in Moskau by Anton Hamm and Gerd Teschke.

“Books and Articles Recently Added to the AHSGR Archives” are reviewed by Emma S. Haynes, Reuben Goertz, Adam Giesinger, and Frances Amen.

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