Journal, Vol. 07, No. 2 – Summer 1984

Cover: The cover picture shows the Florian Becker family and farmstead near Balgonie, Saskatchewan.

Mr. Becker was a pioneer in St. Joseph’s Colony, Balgonie. It is one of the illustrations for the article “The Germans From Russia Who Pioneered in Saskatchewan” by Adam Giesinger.

“In the Wake of the German Army on the Eastern Front, August 1941 to May 1942,” Part II, reports by Karl Stumpp, translated by Adam Giesinger.

Part II of “The Autobiography of Peter Sinner,” translated by Adam Giesinger.

“The German Colonists on the Volga” by Georg Kromm, translated by Adam Giesinger.

“Mennonite Responses to the Pacifist Mandate: The Rus- sian Experience” by Lawrence Klippenstein.

“The Folklore of German-Russian Women” by Irene Rader.

“Nostalgic Reflections,” containing some thoughts by Ann Smith one year after her trip to Russia.

“Books and Articles Recently Added to the AHSGR Archives” by Frances Amen and Mary Lynn Tuck.

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