Journal, Vol. 07, No. 3 – Fall 1984

Cover: The cover shows Catholic churchgoers emerging from their meeting house in Frank, Volga Region, after a religious service in July 1983. It illustrates the poem provided by Timothy J. Kloberdanz, “The Return”, and Rosalinda A. Kloberdanz’s article, “Last Glimpses of Home: A Trip to the Former Volga German Villages, 1983.”


“The Fate of the Volga Germans in Brazil” by Matthias Hagin, translated by Adam Giesinger

“A Wall Plaque With a History,” by Esther H. Ebel

“Folklore Forum: Mennonite Traditions From Kansas: Medical and Dental Services, Courting and Weddings,” by Solomon L. Loewen

“We Sing Our History,” by Lawrence A. Weigel

Part III of “The Autobiography of Peter Sinner,” translated by Adam Giesinger

Part III of “In the Wake of the German Army on the Eastern Front 1941-1942, reports by Karl Stumpp, translated by Adam Giesinger

“Book Review: Abram J. Loewen, Immer weiter nach Osten,” reviewed by Harry Loewen

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