Journal, Vol. 08, No. 2 – Summer 1985

Cover: The 1912 photo on the cover of the Norka (Volga Region) Kirchenvorsteher Hanjoerg Schmer (Church Warden Johann Georg Schmer) accompanies “An Unidentified Norka Family of 1912” and “Memories of Norka” by Conrad Brill.

“A Volhynian Folksong” by Ruth S. Freehling

“My Thirty-Year Occupation in the Service of the German Colonists in Russia” by Pastor Jakob Stach, translated by Mary Lynn Tuck

“History of Peace Lutheran Church, Lipscomb County, Texas”

“Organizing the AHSGR Library” by Dee Ann Allison and Kris Johnson

Part I of “Folklore Forum: Folk Narratives of the Germans From Russia,” provided by Timothy J. Kloberdanz

“The Immigration and Early Education of Germans From Russia” by Randall C. Teeuwen

“Books and Articles Recently Added to the AHSGR Archives” by Frances Amen and Mary Lynn Tuck completes the issue

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