Journal, Vol. 08, No. 3 – Fall 1985

Cover: This convention issue has an illustration of the Yakima, Washington, Northern Pacific Railroad Train Station on the cover.


In addition to numerous pictures with captions or short descriptions, the following addresses presented at this 16th annual convention are included: “Memorial Service” honoring Emma Schwabenland Haynes especially, presided over by Louise Potter; “A Look at the AHSGR Family,” the keynote address by Selma T. Hieb, International President; “The Situation of the Soviet Germans in the U.S.S.R. and Future Prospects” by Eva Lindeman, Consul General in Seattle; “Streams in the Desert: A Centennial Tribute to Russian German Pioneering in Central Washington” by Richard D. Scheuerman; “Some of the Customs of the Volga German Villages” by Elaine F. Davison; “Portrait of Evaliz: A Daughter of the Volga” by Rachel Newcomer; and “The Problems and Victories of Russian Germans in Siberia” by Peter Deyneka, Jr.

One page is devoted to “In Memoriam: Reinhold Eichler July 24, 1912-August 12, 1985.”

Various reports from the Board of Directors and the International Foundation complete the issue.

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