Journal, Vol. 08, No. 4 – Winter 1985

Cover: The cover features a bread-baking session in a German colony in South Russia.


The lead article, “Memories of Childhood in Worms, Russia,” by Ferdinand Horst and Willimena L. Semmler, presents two contrasting views of life in that village

“Filzstiefel” (how felt boots were manufactured) by Amalia Lorenz as told to Frances Amen

“Uprising in Warenburg,” translated by Richard Kisling

“Books and Articles Recently Added to the AHSGR Archives,” annotated by Frances Amen and Mary Lynn Tuck

Letters written in Russia to relatives in Oklahoma covering the years 1914-1931 translated in “Letters to Pauline”

“The Life and Experiences of Sarah Harder Warkentin,” translated by Susanna Warkentin Meinzer

“A Russian German Werewolf Story” by Paul Schach

“Farewell to Norka” by Conrad Brill

The “Family Identified” report (for the picture shown on page ii of the 1985 Summer Journal)

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