Journal, Vol. 09, No. 1 – Spring 1986

Cover: The cover features the home of the colonist Ernst Allmendinger, Katharinenfeld, South Caucasus (Transcaucasia).


“The Germans in the Caucasus, Particularly in Transcaucasia” by Karl August Fischer, translated by Arthur E. Flegel

“The Word Buerak in the Names of Volga Villages” by Alexander Dupper

“Reinhold Bohn” by Hertha Karasek-Strzygowski (Wolhynisches Tagebuch), translated by Selma T. Hieb

“We Sing Our History” by Lawrence A. Weigel

“As a Civilian Internee Among German Settlers in the Turgai Region” by A. M___r, translated by Inge Worth and Hildegard Schwabauer

“Books and Articles Recently Added to the AHSGR Archives,” annotated by Frances Amen and Mary Lynn Tuck

“A Mother’s Quest for a Better Life” by Harold D. Kauffman

Part II of “Folklore Forum: Folk Narratives of the Germans From Russia,” compiled by Timothy J. Kloberdanz

Book Review: The Germans from Russia in the United States and Canada: A Bibliographic Handbook by Lewis R. Marquardt and “The Current Emigration From the U.S.S.R.” by H. Manfred Schmidt

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