Journal, Vol. 09, No. 2 – Summer 1986

Cover: The cover picture of Katherine Elizabeth Weimer Bischoff and some family members further illustrates the lead article, “The John Henry Bischoff Family History,” as told to Garnot Bischoff.


“Mutual Fire Insurance of the German Colonists in the Saratov and Samara Provinces” by Alexander Dupper

“First Dakota Conference German Baptist Church” by Garvin Bertsch

“The German Settlements in the Crimea” by Th. Eisenbraun, translated by Jo Ann Kuhr

“Summary of the Problems Relating to Dialectal and Ethnographical Studies of German Settlements in the U.S.S.R.” (Chapter 1) by Victor Maksimovich Zhirmunskii, translated by Alexander Dupper

Part I of “From the Diary of Walter Burow, My Flight from Siberia,” translated by Solomon L. Loewen

“The Volga-German Catholic Village of Josefstal” by Edward R. Gerk

“The Story of Christina Tetz Neff Gourlay” by Flossie Libra

“Meeting Our Relatives in Brazil” by Ann G. Herrman, as told to Lawrence A. Weigel

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