Journal, Vol. 09, No. 3 – Fall 1986

Cover: The cover features drawings of churches in Oklahoma of four of the present-day faiths of Germans from Russia.


This issue commemorates the 17th annual convention in Oklahoma City. Short items include descriptions and pictures with captions. A highlight of the convention was “Weihnachtsfeier,” performed by the Oklahoma chapters and presented here in pictures.

“In Memoriam” for Anna Kraus Smith appears in this issue.

Featured convention presentations include the keynote address, “We’re Eighteen! Let’s Celebrate Our Achievements!” by Ruth M. Amen; “The Immortal Bond of Family” by Douglas Hale; “Meet the Schwindt Family” by Jo Ann Kuhr (introduction and translation) and Alexander Schwindt; “A Report on Fly the Maple Leaf’ Project” by Ronald W. Neuman; ” …Let Him Step to the Music Which He Hears’: The Past and Present Dutch Hop Tradition” by Marilyn H. Fletcher; “The Oklahoma Connection of the Germans From Russia” by Ray D. Lau; and “Gratitude: The Memory of the Heart” by Msgr. Joseph A. Stremel.

Other items featured are “Statement of Introduction to the Seventeenth International Convention”; International Foundation Reports; International Board of Directors Reports; “Where Next?”; and the Chapter Presidents’ Meeting Report.

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