Journal, Vol. 09, No. 4 – Winter 1986

Cover: On the cover and page ii are pictures of the All-Faiths Chapel (part of the Heritage Center, Lincoln, Nebraska), followed by the article “Dedication of the All-Faiths Chapel.”


Mary Rabenberg reviews the book, The Last Bridge: Her Own True Story
Elvera Ziebert Reuer, and Frances Amen and Mary Lynn Tuck provide annotations for “Books and Articles Recently Added to the AHSGR Archives”
“Our Trip From Russia to America in 1876” by Heinrich Regier
“Domestic Animals in Volhynia” by A. Kirschner, translated by Irmgard H. Ellingson
“German-Russian Iron Crosses in Texas? Yep, You Bet!” by Lewis R. Marquardt and Dona B. Reeves-Marquardt
“Visiting the German-speaking Mennonites of Cuauhte’moc, Chihuahua, Mexico,” by Lauren Wilhelm
Chapter 2 of “Summary and Problems Relating to Dialectal and Ethnographical Studies of German Settlements in the U.S.S.R.” by Viktor Maksimovich Zhirmunskii, translated by Alexander Dupper
“Christmas, Other Holidays, and Festivals in Volhynia” by Paul Peltz, translated by Irmgard H. Ellingson
Part II of “From the Diary of Walter Burow.” “Selbstschutz Self-Defense),” about Mennonite self-defense units during the time of the Revolution, translated by Solomon L. Loewen
The tragedies of a young Mennonite family related in “The Teaching of the Lord” by Johann Siemens
“The Volost Velikok-nyazheskoye (Kuban Region),” translated by Arthur E. Flegel

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