Journal, Vol. 10, No. 3 – Fall 1987

Cover: A drawing of Portlandia, the symbol of Portland, Oregon, graces the cover of the eighteenth annual convention issue.


Numerous pictures with captions

“Make It Happen,” the keynote address by Selma T. Hieb

“The Portland Community of Russian Germans” by Marie Krieger

“Old Country Folk Songs, Humor, and Memories” by David R. Schultheiss

“My Parents: Their Early Lives and Marriage” by Mary Koch

“Poetic Lines and Musical Rhymes of the Germans From Russia

A Reading and Enquiry of Selected Examples” by Dona Reeves-Marquardt and Lewis R. Marquardt

“Russia Today: A Cross-cultural Experience” by Shirley Keller Halvorsen

“We Honor Our Heritage Through Faith A Story to Tell Choosing Life,” meditation by Ervin Hummel

Various reports from the Board of Directors and the International Foundation complete the issue

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