Journal, Vol. 11, No. 2 – Summer 1988

Cover: A woman using corncobs for fuel gives further illustration to the lead article, “The McIntosh County German-Russians: The First Fifty Years” by Gordon L. Iseminger.


“Faith of Our Fathers: Ethos and Popular Religious Practices Among the German Catholics of Bukovina in the Early Twentieth Century” by Sophie A. Welisch
“All About Coffee” by Alexander Dupper; “From Karlswalde, Volhynia to Village Hill Connecticut” by Claire S. Krause
“We Sing Our History” by Lawrence A. Weigel
Book reviews: Guide to the Archives of the South Dakota Conference of the United Church of Christ reviewed by David J. and Lydia A. Miller, Bread for the Third Generation reviewed by Delbert Amen, and Agatchen reviewed by Linda Kahler.
“Meet Selma Muller”
“The Templers, Called Friends of Jerusalem’ or The People of God'” by Friedrich Mayer, condensed by Elfriede Qualen-Idler, translated by Jo Ann Kuhr
“Friedrich and Elisabeth Keil Raile, Friends of Jerusalem”
“Miracles Do Happen!” by Elaine Frank Davison, an account of a reunion of the author with her relatives on a trip to Germany
“Heim,” a short article about the immigration of the ethnic Germans to West Germany which appeared in The Economist, December 16, 1987
“Books and Articles Recently Added to the AHSGR Archives” by Frances Amen and Mary Rabenberg

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