Journal, Vol. 12, No. 1 – Spring 1989

Cover: Buildings in Rohrbach, Odessa District, are pictured on the cover. This photograph accompanies the article “A Visit to Rohrbach, Odessa District, in 1988” by William M. Wiest.


“The Dundee, Kansas, Colony” by Marjorie Andrasek
“The Youngest Child,” another installment from Hertha Karasek-Strzygowski’s Wolhynisches Tagebuch, translated by Selma T. Hieb
“Bukovina-German Pioneers in Urban America” by Sophie A. Welisch
Book reviews: “The Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde Historical Series” reviewed by Edward R. Brandt, Die Insel Chortitza, Finsternis und Licht, and Licht und Schatten reviewed by Lawrence Klippenstein
Monetary Values in 1909
School Days in Grossliebental (1904 or 1905 picture of school children with their names)
“We Sing Our History” by Lawrence A. Weigel
“Games and Entertainment in the Early Part of This Century” by Solomon L. Loewen
“The Power of a Photograph.” Peter W. Schmidt tells us of making contact with the Stang family who were originally from Marienfeld, Volga Region
“A Visitor From the Soviet Union” by S.D.R.
“Books and Articles Recently Added to the AHSGR Archives” by Frances Amen and Mary Rabenberg
A picture of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kind with a brief description

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