Journal, Vol. 13, No. 1 – Spring 1990

Cover: A 1909 Russian 10 ruble banknote is pictured on the cover.


“Midwifery Tour of Russia, October 1989” by Joyce E. (Sterkel) Sutley
“Bukovina Chronology in the Context of European History” by Sophie A. Welisch
“Family of Leon and Marie Loy (1912)” by Sophie A. Welisch
” I Could Write a Book As Big As a House!’A Soviet German Emigre Remembers Life Under Stalin” by Anonymous, translated and edited by Timothy J. and Rosalinda Kloberdanz
“Village Life” by Alex Bauer; Josephina Ammon Widmer
“Out of the Russian Steppe: Alexander Bier” by Verna Wood
“History of the Volga German Drummer Dove” by Roberto Kornshun Bierig
“Royalty Comes Hunting and I Get Spanked” by Olga Schmidt Bauer, a humorous anecdote
“A Visit in the Native Region of the Traveling Masters of the Shovel'” excerpt from a Polish newspaper translated by Richard Rye and Robert Hattemer
“A Traditional Wedding” by Barbara Kloster
“Jacob and Marie Steinbrecher” by Katherine Elizabeth Steinbrecher Behm, as told to her daughter-in-law Gayle Behm
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