Journal, Vol. 13, No. 2 – Summer 1990

Cover: A picture of Franz and Marie Elisabeth Ullrich is on the cover. This accompanies the article “The Ties That Bind The Dinkelacker Letters” by William Seibel


“The Beginning of an Odyssey” by Ella and Werner K. Wadewitz, an account of a Wasemiller family reunion in Uzbekistan
“Ethnic Women Homesteading on the Plains of North Dakota” by H. Elaine Lindgren
“Sufferings of the First German Colonists During the First Two Decades, 1764 to 1784” by John Erbes
“The Trek of 1921-1922” by Glenn Mueller; “Village Life” by Alex Bauer
“Resting in Peace” by V. Krasnovsky, about the German Cemetery in Moscow
“Kukkus Once … And Today” by Reinhold Keil
“Donations to AHSGR Library and Archives”
“A Brief History of the Creation of the German Colonies on the Volga” by Arthur E. Flegel
“I Am Smart and I Can Prove It” by Olga Schmidt Bauer, a humorous anecdote
“Current Status of German Villages in the Volga Region” by Theresa Daehn
“The Graefenstein-Fordson Tractor Story” by Arthur E. Flegel
“New Additions to AHSGR Library” by Frances Amen and Mary Rabenberg

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