Journal, Vol. 13, No. 4 – Winter 1990

Alice Buchholz’s painting “The Farm of Wilhelm Boehnert in Solodyri, Volhynia, 1931” graces the cover of this issue.


“A Farm in Solodyri” by Richard Benert

“The Population of Volga German Settlements in Late Nineteenth Century Russia: A Source Based on Religious and Settlement Data From the 1897 Census of the Russian Empire” by Richard H. Rowland

“Bukovina-German Women in Social Perspective” by Sophie A. Welisch

“From Russian Sables to the Orient Express” by Anna Kroeker Thiesen

“Maps and Your Family History”

“Starting a Village Research Group”

“Coordinating Research Efforts With a Village Data Base”

“German Settlements in Poland and Volhynia”

“Grandma’s Kitchen”

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