Journal, Vol. 14, No. 2 – Summer 1991

Cover: A picture of the July 15, 1990 first communion of a son of Lukasz Balak adorns the cover.


Articles: “Pojana Mikuli Today,” by Oren Windholz

“Autobiography of Alexander Schwindt,” translated by Almena Kniss Bernhardt

“Volga German-Russians in Minnesota,” by Carol Halverson

“From Bukovina to the Great Plains,” by Rev. Steve Parke

“Germans Among Us From Russia via the Dakotas to Lodi,” by Walter Kiesz

“Josef Weber Titular Archbishop,” by Norbert Gaschler, translated by Sophie A. Welisch

“Guarding the Czar’s Caucasian Frontier,” by William Seibel

“Julian vs. Gregorian Calendar,” by Arthur E. Flegel

“Review,” by Alexander Dupper

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