Journal, Vol. 14, No. 3 – Fall 1991

Cover: This issue contains the reports and pictures of the 22nd annual convention which was held in Chicago, Illinois.

“Catch the Vision,” by Lee Kraft; “Return to Berry Meadow: Emerging Research Opportunities in Saratov and the Old Volga Colonies,” by Richard D. Scheuerman

“Meritorious Service Award,” by Lee Kraft; “Handing Down Our Heritage,” by Carol J. Harless

“Volhynian Legends,” by Leona Janke

“Evaluating Family Histories and Traditions for Evidence of Medical Illness Using Alzheimer’s Disease as a Model,” by Thomas D. Bird, M.D.

“The Brotherhood-Bruederschaft,” by George Dorn

“We Honor Our Heritage Through Faith,” by Werner K. Wadewitz

“Memorial,” by Lydia Jesse

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