Journal, Vol. 14, No. 4 – Winter 1991

Cover: The cover illustration is entitled Wir im Jahre 1941 (We Volga Germans in the Year 1941).


“The Decree of August 28, 1941,” translated by Richard Rye
“August Odyssey: Remembering Russia, The Coup, and the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Volga German Deportation,” by Timothy J. Kloberdanz
“The Germans in Russia During the First Fifty Years of the Soviet Regime,” by Hugo Jedig, translated by Nancy Bernhardt Holland
“Grandfather’s Windmill,” by Alexander Dupper
“Before They Left Germany,” by Verna Goral
“The Germans from Russia and the 1991 Report of the U.S. Immigration Commission,” by Daniel L. Boxberger
“Black Velvet Homes,” by Paul Fritzler
“Our Journey to the German-Russian Communities of Frank and Frunze,” by Clarence D. Kissler
“A Summary of German Migrations Eastward into Poland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Russia,” by Arthur E. Flegel
“Population Trends in Volga German Settlements During the Intercensal Period of 1897-1926,” by Richard H. Rowland
“Lest We Forget,” by George Miller

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