Journal, Vol. 15, No. 1 – Spring 1992

Cover: Photo of a Volga German breakfast on the cover.


“The Farmer’s Prayer,” by Elmer Suderman
“Names,” Ronald J. Vossler
“Beet Field Summer: Windsor, Colorado,” by Harold Stoll
“The Slavic Collection of the Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives,” by Lawrence Klippenstein
“Rosenberg, Bergseite,” by Richard McGregor
“From Family History Quest to Village Coordinator,” “Rosenberg (Ilovlinsk Umet),” translated by Richard Rye
“Memories of Rosenberg, 1900 to Present”
“Airport,” by Eduard Albrandt, introduction and English Interpretation by Timothy J. Kloberdanz
“German Life and Culture in the Volga Region of Russia: A Pictorial Essay,” by Timothy J. Kloberdanz
“AHSGR Library Policies”
“New Additions to the AHSGR Library since January 1991, A-G” by Michael Ronn, AHSGR Librarian
“The Kanzler Brothers,” by Harland L. Eastwood, Jr.

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