Journal, Vol. 15, No. 2 – Summer 1992

Cover: Cover photo (circa 1910-18) of Memorial Day flags in cemetery of St. Peter’s on the Standing Rock Agency, Fort Yates, North Dakota.


“Waldheim Village in Molochna Colony,” by Solomon L. Loewen
“The Tipsy Ducks,” by Alexander Dupper
“In the Land of Inyan Woslata: Plains Indian influences on Reservation Whites,” by Timothy J. Kloberdanz
“Five Plants is Five Plants,” by Angela Cachay
“Krasna Village Research Report,” by Ted J. Becker
“Village Research Project and List of Village Research Coordinators,” by David Bagby, list by Allyn Brosz and AHSGR staff
“A Summary Report on Ten German Villages in the Regions of Dnepropetrovsk, Petrikovka, and Verkhnaya-Dneprovsk, Administrative District of Dnepropetrovsk,” by Karl Stumpp, translated by David Bagby
“Our Respects to the Bavarian Supreme Court!” by E. Holland, translated by David Bagby
“New Additions to the AHSGR Library Since January 1991, H-Z, by Michael Ronn, AHSGR Librarian
“Mein Grossmutter,” by Ted J. Becker

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