Journal, Vol. 16, No. 1 – Spring 1993

Cover: On the cover, a Volga German woman spoons out freshly cooked potatoes and dumplings.

“German Churches of the Black Sea Region” by Doris M. Dickenson

“The German Lutherans of the Former USSR” by Jon E. Chicky

“The Miracle of Yurga” by Frederick Kempe

” Feld-Glees’: Volga German Food as Cultural Symbol” by Timothy J. and Rosalinda Kloberdanz

“… And Life Goes On” by Dietrich Rempel, translated by Almena Kniss Bernhardt and Nancy Bernhardt Holland

“An Easter Egg Hunt in Church” by Alexander Dupper

“Stahl am Karaman Settlement List: An Update” by David F. Schmidt

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