Journal, Vol. 17, No. 1 – Spring 1994

Cover: On the cover: Mrs. Arndt, nee Peters, an Aussiedlerin who was born in Selz, Odessa District in 1914.


“Seventy Years of Archives” by Elizaveta Yerina, translated by Richard Rye

“From the Life of a Russian German Woman” translated by Christine Clayton

“Young at Heart,” by Ralph G. Bennett

“From God’s Lost Crop: A Black Sea Album” by Ronald Vossler

“Emigration of Germans from the Soviet Union in the Years 1987-1990-1993” by Ida Bender, translated by Jo Ann Kuhr

“From Ashes to Ashes; From Dust to Dust” by Donnette Sonnenfeld

“Pastor Heinrich Roemmich In Grateful Memory of the Co-Founder and long-time President of Our Landsmannschaft” by Josef Schnurr, translated by John Nickel

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