Journal, Vol. 17, No. 4 – Winter 1994

Cover: On the cover: Members of Abram Berg’s family in the Ukraine.


“Christmas Eve in the Fatherland” by Timothy J. Kloberdanz

“Impressions from Our Trip to Russia (Saratov Villages) and Kazakhstan (Kustanai Area) in 1993” by William M. Wiest

“The Landau Baptists” by Adam Giesinger

“‘The Terrible Ghost of 1941: A Haunting Reminder of the Volga German Deportation” by Rosalinda and Timothy J. Kloberdanz

“Abram’s List” edited and translated by John B. Toews, compiled by Abram Berg

“AHSGR Library Policies”

“New Additions to AHSGR Library” by Michael Ronn, AHSGR Librarian

“Getting Acquainted With Our Neighbors: Multi-Ethnic Research” by Edward Reimer Brandt

“Beginning Genealogy” by Donnette Sonnenfeld

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