Journal, Vol. 18, No. 4 – Winter 1995

Cover: On the cover: A Mennonite Christmas picture which appeared in Volk auf dem Weg 12, December 1983.

“Growing up in Chicago: Memories from the son of Volga Germans” by John Gorr

“When Everyone I Loved, or Tried To (A Christmas Eve Visit, 1968)” by Ronald Vossler

“Our Journey to Russia: Finding the Three ‘Lost’ Brothers” by Floyd L. Seher

AHSGR Library Policies

“New Additions to AHSGR Library” by Shiela Roche, AHSGR Librarian and Michelle Crumly, Librarian Assistant

“Audio-Visual Materials Available from Headquarters” by Shiela Roche, and Michelle Crumly

“A Short History of the Bessarabian Germans” by Elvire Necker-Edwards

“Protecting our Memories” by Christine Feniak

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