Journal, Vol. 20, No. 3 – Fall 1997

Cover: Three pictures, including Arthur Flegel’s Grandparents, Frieda Gress and her children, and Cleo Flegel and her great-grandchildren.


Annual Report and Listing of Donations
“The Vision of Hope” by Donnette Sonnenfield
“Perils of a Journey” by Peter J. Klassen
“Unite your Family with the Berlin Document Center Records” Marianne Wheeler
“Distinguished Service Award” by John Schleicher
“Beginning of Volga-German Emigration to America” by Dr. Igor Pleve, translated by Richard Rye
“The Germans in Russia:Their Present Situation and the Road to the Future” by Eugen N. Miller, translated by Ursula Moessner
“Recent Genealogical Finds in Ukraine” by Richard Rye
“The Life of German Women in Russia” by Leona Wassinger Pfeifer
“One Hundred and Ten Years of Volga Germans in Fresno” by Diana Bell
“When We Were Young” by Gil Axt

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