Journal, Vol. 22, No. 1 – Spring 1999

Cover: Indefatigable researcher into the genealogy, history, culture, and customs of the Germans from Russia, Jo Ann Bennett Kuhr faithfully served the Society for twenty years. As the first designated Director of Research for AHSGR, she administered the genealogical program of the Society, coordinated the Aussiedler Project, and edited both the AHSGR Journal and CLUES.

“Life in the Agricultural Communities of Germans Living in Russia” by Rodney Fink

“Archives of the Former Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Germans on the Volga in Engels: A Golden Source of Information About the Genealogy and History of Germans Colonists, 1767-1941” by Elizabeth Yerina, translated by Richard Rye

“How the German Lieder were Preserved” by Edwin A. Pfannenstiel

“Jo Ann Bennett Kuhr: Twenty Years of Service to the Society” by Dr. Nancy Bernhardt Holland

“The Germans in the Soviet Union at the Outbreak of the Second World War” by Benjamin Pinkus, translated by Samuel Sinner

“1998 Journal Index” by Brent Alan Mai

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