Journal, Vol. 22, No. 2 – Summer 1999

Cover: Children of the famine in Saratov Region (early 1920s). One of the recurring motifs in several articles appearing in this month’s Journal is the detrimental affect of German-Russian persecution on children. Photo from the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia archives (obtained by Jean Roth, Seattle, Washington).


“Trudarmiya” by Ernst Strohmaier, translated by Samuel Sinner

“I Cannot Forgive…Not Now, Not Ever” by Raisa Ostertag, translated by Dr. Nancy Bernhardt Holland

“Marinovka: A German Village in Siberian Kazakhstan” by Rudolf Romberg, translated by William Seibel

“German Schools in Kamyshin District, Saratov Province, 1895-1896”, translation with introduction and explanatory comments by Steven T. Duke

“The Sibylline Prophecies as a Source of German-Russian Apocalyptic Traditions” by Roland M. Wagner

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