Journal, Vol. 22, No. 3 – Fall 1999

Cover: The Bucking Horse and Rider trademark, used with permission of Trademark Licensing for the 1999 International Convention of the AHSGR.


This Journal summarizes the events and presentations at the 1999 International AHSGR Convention which was held in Casper, Wyoming.

“It takes One Thousand Voices to Tell a Single Tale: A Report on the Aussiedler Project” by Dr. Nancy Bernhardt Holland

“Ellis Island: Gateway to America” by Jean Roth

The Role of Germans from Russia in the Development of the Sugar Beet Industry in the Rocky Mountain States” by Roger Hill

“German-Russian Tour to Germany: Visit to Bundestreffen” by Clarence Kissler

“Emigration from Ysenburg to the Volga in 1766”, by Manfred Steinberger, translated by Sven Steinberger

“New Acquisitions from Russia and Ukraine: A Report on Our On-going Search for Information” by Richard Rye

“CIS Research Project Report” by Brent Alan Mai

“Distinguished Service Award Honorees: Solomon R. Schneider and Timothy J. Kloberdanz” by John Schleicher

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