Journal, Vol. 23, No. 2 – Summer 2000


“Welcome to Nebraska” by Lieutenant Governor David I. Maurstad

“Genealogy and Family History of the German Russian Archive Sources and Their Accessibility” by Alfred Eisfeld, Ph.D., Translated by Tracy Lauritzen Wright

“The Basis of the Federal Republic of Germany’s Promotion Policies on Behalf of the Russian Federation’s German Minority and the Moscow German-Russia House’s Position within the System of Assistance Measures” by Wolfgang Döke, Ph.D., Translated by Samuel Sinner

“The Newest Research on the History and Culture of Germans of Russia” by Tamara Tschernowa, Ph.D., Translated by Richard Rye

“A Question and Answer Session about the 1798 Census” by Brent Alan Mai

“An Open Wound” by Samuel Sinner. “Escape and Survival: The Last Train Out” by Willi Wutzke

“Recent Research on Peter Sinner, Volga-German Poet and Victim of Stalin” by Samuel Sinner

“Onward and Upward – Climbing Into the 21st Century” by John Stencel

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