Journal, Vol. 23, No. 3 – Fall 2000

Cover: Arrival of Germans from Bessarabia to their new homes in Czegow, Romania.
“My Trip to America, The Diary of Evangeline G. Rempel 1922-1923” by Evangeline G. Rempel Dyck
“The Deportation of the German Population from the City of Saratov and Stalingrad Oblasts” by A.A. German, translated by Irma E. Eichhorn and Vladimir Schenk
“Grandmother, Mother, Daughter” by Lucia Kaa, translated by Nancy Bernhardt Holland
“Gone Without a Trace: The song of the Trudarmee Troops” by Johannes Lotz; translated by Nancy Bernhardt Holland
“Go or Stay? A New Perspective for Russian Germans in West Siberia” published by Info-Dienst Deutsche Aussiedler; translated by Frederick Bolgert
“Trakehnen” by Klaus Hoffman

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