Journal, Vol. 24, No. 1 – Spring 2001

Cover: A group of German Russian refugees shown in Harbin, China, taken around 1932.


“The Escape of Volhynian Lutherans from Russia to Harbin, China and Their Resettlement in Brazil” by Virginia Less

“My Life Has Always Been Happy” published by Informatsionno-Metodischeskii Biulletin, Translated by Dr. Robert Meininger

“What’s in a Name? Names and Naming Practices Among the Bukovina Germans” by Sophie A. Welisch

“A Letter to My Children: The Memoirs of Arthur G. Rempel” by Arthur G. Rempel

“Mother’s Bequest, A Poem” by Elisabeth Dirks Rempel, Translated by her son, Arthur G. Rempel

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