Journal, Vol. 25, No. 3 – Winter 2002

Cover: Map #13. Map of the German Colonies in the North and South Caucasus. Reprinted with the permission of K. Stumpp and the Lansmannschafte der Deutschen aus Russland, Stuttghart, Germany.


“Breaking the Silence” by Dr. Peter Penner

“The Formation of German Colonies in the North Caucasus” by Tatiana Nikolaevna Plokhotnyuk, translated by Richard Rye

“The Black Sea Colonies and the ‘German Question’ 1861-1914” by Dietmar Neutatz, translated by Richard Benert

“The German ‘Colonies’ in the Doncossack District” by Jelena Tschesnok, translated by Frederick Bolgart

“New Additions to the AHSGR Library and Archives” by Sonya Dollins-Colton

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