Journal, Vol. 26, No. 1 – Spring 2003

Cover: Sketch of AHSGR headquarters in Lincoln, NE.


“Als russicher Soldat im 1. Weltkrieg” by Joseph Weiss and translated by Leona S. Janke

“Baptism” by Ron Vossler

“Eternal Freundshaft” by Ron Vossler

“Dorzweiler’s Visit Albert Herr and Bring Back Story of a Memorial” by Albert Herr and translated by Lawrence A. Weigel

“New Norka” from A. N. Minkh’s Historical-Geographical Encyclopedia of the Saratov Gubernia, 1898-1902 translated by Rick Rye

“Beiträge zur Geschlichte der Wolga-Kolonien Contributions to the History of the Volga Colonies” From Volks Zeitung 22 June 1914 translated by Dr. Don Herzog

“History of the Volga German Colonists” by Jacob E. Dietz and translated by Rick Rye

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