Journal, Vol. 26, No. 2 – Summer 2003

Cover: Hattie Plum WIlliams Collection No. 11 (Mothers with small babies sitting on porch.).


“The Moscow Consistorial District” translated by Roswita Niessner

“The Memoirs of Dr. Georg Heinrich Hartwig; Insights Into Russia” by Wilmer A. Harms, M.D.

“The Life of the German Woman in Russia” by Leona Pfeifer

“The Convoluted Case of Gerhard Harder” by Duane Schrag

“Jabob (Poltowitz) Graber” by Duane Schrag

“Volga; What Worries the Immigrants” translated by Rick Rye

“Leipzig Bessarabia” translated by Arthur Flegel

“Culm (Kulm)” translated by Arthur Flegel

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