Journal, Vol. 26, No. 3 – Fall 2003

Cover: Artwork by Mark McLean for the 2003 AHSGR Convention in Yakima, WA.


“1920 Extraction of Germans from Russia” by Gene Jenkins

“First Executed, Then Rehabilitated” by Marianne Long; “What Was Life Like in Siberia For Descendents of Deportees?” by Peter Penner

“Kautz Genealogy on CD ROM” by D. Michael Frank

“Recent Microfilm Acquisitions from the Odessa Archives and Related Mennonite Research” by Tim Janzen

“From the Russian Steppe to the Pacific Northwest: The Germans from Russia in Portland, Oregon” by Steven H. Schreiber

“Finding Germans from Russia on Passenger Ship Lists Using the Internet” by Patrice Miller

“Not All of Our Ancestors Were Saints: Origins of the Volga Germans” by Brent Mai and Dona Reeves-Marquardt

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