Journal, Vol. 26, No. 4 – Winter 2003

Cover: Sleigh ride of German colonists in the Volga Region. From the Institut Für Auslandsbeziehungen.


“Schrabgeschiren and Silverware: The Sixteen Green Letters and One Brown Bible” by Richard D. Scheuerman

“Meine Reise nach Rohrbach (My Trip to Rohrbach)” by Eduard Weiss and translated by Arthur E. Flegel

“Ein Besuch in Kulm (A Visit to Kulm, Bessarabia)” by Emil Werner and translated by Arthur E. Flegel

Winners of the 2003 Storytelling Contest: “The Witch in the Woods” -1st Place by Linda (Darr) Hasse; “Granpa’s Violin” -2nd Place by Judy Frothinger; “Terror at the Station: A Little Boy Travels from Russia to America” -3rd Place by Karen Penner; “Broken Plates” – Honorable Mention by Barbara Jo Guilford; and “Sugar Beet Syrup Story…From Field to Kettle” – Honorable Mention by Howard S. Guenther

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