Journal, Vol. 27, No. 3 – Fall 2004

Cover: The cornucopia, a symbol of nature’s bounty, was selected by the hosting California District Council as the symbol of the 35th Annual International AHSGR Convention held in Modesto, California, in July 2004.


“Opening Speech for 2004 AHSGR Convention” by Director General Klaus Pöhle, German Federal Ministry of the Interior

“History of Russian Germans: Records of the State Archives of Odessa Region (SAOR)” by Lilia G. Belousova

“Black Sea German Settlers: From First Arrival to First Departure” by Sergei Yelizarov, Ph.D

“Materials on the History of the Volga Germans in the Archives of the Saratov District” by Dr. Alexsey V. Voronejhstev

“Always a Greener Pasture: Memmonite Settlements in the Western United States, 1885-1940” by Kevin Enns-Rempel

Book Review–The Glückstalers of New Russia and North America: A Bicentennial Collection of History, Genealogy and Folklore by Margaret (Aman) Freeman

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