Journal, Vol. 28, No. 2 – Summer 2005

Cover: A Summer Pastoral.


Conclusion – “From Puppets of Stalin to Pawns of Hitler & Back Again: Experiences of Soviet Citizens of German Ethnicity During & After the Second World War” by Stephanie Hoffman
“The Migration of Germans from Russia” by Dr. Lyudmila Koretnikova
“Sampling of Currently Available Resources” by Bonnie Anderson
“A Typical Volga-German Life Story” by Dr. Lyudmila Koretnikova
“Locations of German Russians in Russia and the Availability of Records” by Ilmira Khansvyarova
“Preface of the Inventory of the Archival Collection 1831-‘The Collection of Documents on the History and Culture of Germans in the Volga Region (1764-1941),’ Engles Archive” by Elizabeth Erina and Victor Herdt
“These Records Can Talk!” by Gerald F. Schmidt
“If Awakened From Her Dream…Correction, Winter 2003” by Gerald F. Schmidt
Photographs from the Saratov Museum donated by John and Sue Groh

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