Journal, Vol. 28, No. 3 – Fall 2005

Cover: A windmill, chosen for the importance of wind and water to the agricultural industry in the state of Oklahoma, the site of the 2005 AHSGR Convention.


“AHSGR Can Touch Lives, Even in Russia” by Ed Hoak

“Germans from Russia and the Oklahoma Land Runs” by Dr. Marvin Kroeker

“GRANDMA’s Database of Mennonite History” by Jay Hubert

“German-Russian Holocaust Memorial” is a list of family-submitted names of family members who disappeared during the Communist Era in Europe. This list of names was read at a special memorial service held at the Oklahoma City National Memorial; Memorial.

“What Does It Mean In Ukraine?” by Inna Stryukova, who also read a poem by JoAnn Klassen entitled “To Those Gone Before Us.” (These two pieces were part of the memorial service.)

“The Germans from Russia in Oklahoma” by Douglas Hale

“Injustice: When Innocent People Suffer” by Inna Stryukova

“Notes in Their Baggage: Music from Three Countries”

The Lahnert Family Legacy” by Beth Simmons

About Captain Kuehnen” by Dr. Viktor Krieger and V. G. Korolenko

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