Journal, Vol. 29, No. 1 – Spring 2006

Cover: The monument at the old cemetery in Novyi Vasyugan, a village near Tomsk, Russia, to honor the victims of Stalinist repressions, dedicated in 1997. A young girl offers flowers at the monument.


“Narym Chronicle 1930-1945: The Tragedy of the Special Population,” a review by A. Fedorova / Translated by Richard Rye
A companion to the first article is titled, “Let No One Dream of This” by A. Shulbaeva / Translated by Julia Troussova
“From the Volga to the Platte: The True Story of Heinrich Jurk” by Klaus Dieter Yurk
“Grandmother’s Aprons” by Thelma Kinderknecht Mills is a presentation given by Thelma and her daughter, Theresa Sheaffer, at the 36th International AHSGR Convention in Oklahoma City in 2005.
“The Anhalt Family of Ukraine and the Volga” by Adam Anhalt
“Volhynia: Thirty-Two Pictures of the Old Homeland” by Friedrich Rink / Translated by Dona Reeves-Marquardt is an anniversary article. This article first appeared in 1976 in AHSGR Work Paper No. 22. This is the 30th anniversary of its original publication.

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