Journal, Vol. 29, No. 4 – Winter 2006

Cover: Six German-Russian youngsters gather for a family event in St. Louis, Missouri, April 2006.


“What’s New at the Internation Quilt Study Center” by Patricia Cox Crews

“Homegrown in Nebraska: Sharing the Story of the Germans from Russia” by Gwendolyn K. Meister

“Music Helps the Family Tree Grow” by Larry Weigel, Jr.

“Adventures Over Land and the High Seas” by Karen Suderman Penner

“Maria’s Story” by Tatjana Schell

“Dirty, Dirty Rooshun!” by Helen Rose Philbert

“Papa’s Sausage Stuffer” by Kenneth L. Koehler

“The Barn – Queen of the Yard” by Paul E. Koehler

“The Lure of Treats in Saratov” by Marie E. Korth

“Christina’s Sewing Machine” by Joanne Green Krieger

“The ‘Benkj,’ the Orange and Our Christmas Program” by Chance Penner Parrish

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