Journal, Vol. 30, No. 2 – Summer 2007

Cover: A couple, the Schleiffs’ of Neinstedt, Germany, standing beside the Katharinenstadt, Catherine sign in Kansas, USA.


“Emigration from Motherland to Vaterland” by Dr. Mila Koretnikov

“Summary of Dissertation: The German Emigration From the Volga Region to America in the 1870s: Preconditions, Reasons, and Results” by Elena V. Ananyan

“A Gift from Heaven: German-Russian Immigrants in the State of Kansas” by the ORNIS Editors

“German Russians in California – Past and Present” by Jerome Siebert (current President of AHSGR)

“Survivors: Once Lost, but Never Forgotten” by Jerry Schmidt

“The Power of Dreams: Keeping the Dream Alive” by Jerry D. McInnis

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