Journal, Vol. 30, No. 3 – Fall 2007

Cover: Cover design by Sr. Alice Pfeifer and Judy Hoffman, inspired by the book Conquering the Wind by Amy Brungardt Toepfer and Agnes C. Dreiling. The design shows symbols of the first German-Russian settlers in America: the hand plow, a windmill, sunflowers, and a train crossing the Kansas plains beside a field of wheat.


Alles sind gegangen: Who Could – Has Gone by Bishop Clemens Pickel, Bishop of Saratov, Russia, translated by Leona W. Pfeifer

My Last Volga Germans by Bishop Clemens Pickel, translated by Robert Firestone

German Russians in Argentina by Isabel Kessler, translated by Luis G. Vasquez

My Family’s Escape from Russia by Erica Margita Neumann-Durtschy

Ellis County, Kansas; Emmons County, North Dakota: Some Curious German Russian Comparisons by Lewis R. Marquardt and Dona Reeves-Marquardt

Bernhard Warkentin: Kansas Miller and Promoter of Turkey Red Wheat by Karen Suderman Penner

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