Journal, Vol. 30, No. 4 – Winter 2007

Cover: Painting of Herzog, Russia by Mike Boss


There are 10 articles; two are from the 2007 AHSGR Convention in Hays, Kansas and eight are from the 2007 AHSGR Storytelling Contest.

“Genealogical Research Before Kuhlberg and LDS” by Frank Jacobs
“A Passion for Preservation” by Michael Boss
“Remembering My Father” by Helen Rempel Stauffer
“Gott ist die Liebe” by Edith W. Mullins
“Celebrating Christmas 2006 in Frank, Russia” by Tatjana Schell
“Mary” by Mary A. Beaver
“Saturday Night Live – No More” by Gwen Schock Cowherd
“The Light at the End of the Tunnel” by Dorothy Lola Nussbaum
“The Courage to Decide Their Fates” by Gerald F. Jerry Schmidt
“My Maternal Grandmother” by Herman Wittman

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