Journal, Vol. 31, No. 1 – Spring 2008

Cover: Photograph of cemetery in Rothammel, Russia of one of the few remaining iron cross markers honoring the grave of Jacob Lechmann (7-20-1907-12-26-1981). The photograph was taken by Nick Bretz on a trip with his wife Barbara (in photo with umbrella) to Rothammel, Russia in 2005.


“Four Volga German Catholic Colonies: Goebel, Koehler, Rothammel, and Seewald” by A.N. Minkh, translated from Russian by Dr. Mila I. Koretnikov, edited by Dr. Timothy J. Kloberdanz
“Emigration of the Volga Germans to North America” by Elena Villievna Ananyan, translated by T. I. Vorontsova, this is an excerpt from the AHSGR Monograph, The German Emigration from the Volga Region to America in the 1870s: Preconditions, Reasons, and Results, Ananyan’s dissertation for Candidate Degree in History from Volgograd State University, 2006
“Johannes Graefenstein – Painter” by Nelly Wacker
“Nelly Wacker – Poet” by Johann Kampen
“The Ziffernsystem” by Dr. Peter Letkemann, translated by Martha Becker
“August Petrovich Zibengar” by Elisaveta Erina, translated by Yulia Tsymbal
“Aussiedler Tape 56: Hulda Kopp Dell and Jakob Dell” edited by Jo Ann Kuhr, translated by Helga Hosford

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