Journal, Vol. 31, No. 2 – Summer 2008

Cover: A photograph of the Karassan Mennonite Church in Karassan, Tabuldi district of the Crimea; photographed by Karen Penner during a trip to the Crimea with Peggy Goertzen.


“Crimea Revisited” by Peggy Goertzen; a presentation given by Peggy at the 38th Annual International Convention of American Historical Society of Germans from Russia in Hays, Kansas, June 10-17, 2007
“Germans from Russia in South America” by Dr. Iris Barbara Graefe was originally printed in the AHSGR Work Paper # 24, Fall 1977
“New German Russian Studies Source Materials from the Former Soviet Union” by Lawrence Klippenstein, Mennonite Heritage Centre
“Gotfried Gotfried Schmider (1902-1965)” by Elisaveta M. Erina from her series, Returned Names. Elisaveta is Director of the State Archive of Saratovskaya Oblast in Engels, Russia

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